36 Types of Melons with Pictures

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In fact, a survey of users of smartphones found that they were the most used applications by Koreans. Melon users can stream and download music and music videos and create custom ringtones. In an early scene, Jake, hoping to get in the good graces of Watanabe’s Katagiri, buys a very expensive melon and brings it to his family. Established in 1969, the shop offers flavors such as hazelnut, walnut and melon.

Melo agrestis, Wilder melon cultivars, with smooth skin, and tart or bland taste. Watermelon (C. lanatus) originated in Africa, where evidence indicates that it has been cultivated for over 4,000 years. Yes, eating melons daily in moderation can have multiple health benefits.

Some melons, like the honeydew, can also be slightly shaken to check their ripeness. If it sounds stiff with a few seeds rattling around, the melon is ready to be devoured. But if the melon sounds too liquid or sloppy, its flesh has most likely begun to break down and overripe. For even more surety of the melon’s ripeness, it’s a good idea to examine the stem area. Good melons always have a dry and brownish colored stem area that indicates it hasn’t been harvested prematurely. If the stem is still attached or green in color, it’s an instant sign that you’re buying an unripe melon.


These are very juicy muskmelons that have pale creamy flesh and a smooth texture. Also, stay away from watermelons that are too shiny as they’re probably unripe. As for muskmelons, they should have a soft and fuzzy rind because some of the sugar naturally surfaces when they fully ripen. Remember, the best melons always have a symmetrical and uniform shape, whether they’re round or oval. As for honeydews and other muskmelons, the ideal color is usually yellow or gold, which indicates the melon is at optimal ripeness. If the color is any lighter than the criteria mentioned above, it’s likely unripe and would take several days to weeks to become edible.

Bailan Melon

Korean melons are known for two very distinct features; an incredibly thin rind and small size. The rind is equally thick as the skin of an apple or potato, and the tiny seeds make it possible to eat the melon as a whole. In terms of taste, they feature a slight hint of sweetness with a modestly crunchy texture, which can be said to resemble a sweet cucumber. From its appearance, the Horned Melon barely looks like a melon at all.

Since its flavor is very mild, it’s often used like a vegetable in soups, stir-fries and stews. It’s also popular to candy or preserve it, hence its other name, Chinese pickling melon. Unlike watermelon, cantaloupe has a firmer, less mealy texture.

Winter melon (B. hispida) is the only member of the genus Benincasa. The mature winter melon is a cooking vegetable that is widely used in Asia, especially in India. The immature melons are used as a culinary fruit (e.g., to make a distinctive fruit drink).


It’s native to Asia and is widely grown in India, where the melon’s juice is used for hydration and battling the scorching summer heat. Some locals also use the melon to treat burns and abrasions because it has healing properties. Upon first look, the Bitter Melon looks nothing like a real melon.

Cucumber – Cucumis sativus

Honeydew Melons are famous for two things; nutrition and a refreshing flavor. They’re low in calories but packed with micronutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B6, antioxidants, and various electrolytes. From this, it’s easy to assume that this melon can do wonders for your skin health. Cucamelons are native to Mexico, but a large portion of the crop is now grown in California. Possess species of melons that are just as interesting, tasty, and unique.

Because the What is Melon is of African origins, it demands warm weather and adequate watering for proper growth. Like other melons, the Golden Langkawi also has a maturing period of 90 to 100 days, but doesn’t survive too long on the shelves. It’s also a popular home cultivar as its smaller in size than other melons and readily grows in plastic pots. Due to its rich flavor, the fruit is consumed raw or served chilled with local deserts. In the last few decades, Persian melons have made their way across the US and some regions of Europe.

  • The fruity taste of Horned melons is surprisingly refreshing.
  • In terms of taste, they feature a slight hint of sweetness with a modestly crunchy texture, which can be said to resemble a sweet cucumber.
  • Similar to honeydew, this melon is best grown in semi-arid conditions.
  • However, it is still an heirloom melon with a delicious sweet/savory taste.
  • In some cases, they can grow up to 24” in diameter and weigh between 20 and 51 lb.

Yet another peculiar-looking melon, the Kantola is a major part of the Indian cuisine where its widely consumed as a vegetable. It is much shorter in size than traditional melons, at about 1.5 inches long. The Santa Claus Melon is another species known for its amazingly long shelf life, making it perfect for eating right around Christmas. Its taste can be compared to honeydews, which is a combination of sugary and juicy.

The gac is primarily grown in SE Asia and Northern Australia. Maroon cucumbers are only native to Africa, but are now cultivated in most parts of the world. The fruit originated in Africa but has since moved to markets around the globe. Allegedly is derived from the color of the skin and its similarity to the bird. This type of spiky melon originates in South Africa but is now gown in many countries around the world.

Melons were among the earliest plants to be domesticated in the Old World and among the first crop species brought by westerners to the New World. Early European settlers in the New World are recorded as growing honeydew and casaba melons as early as the 1600s. Organizations like Native Seeds/SEARCH have made an effort to collect and preserve these and other heritage seeds.

Cucumis melo

It can have a sugar content of up to 18%, which is much higher than most melons of its category. Sprite melons are also comparatively smaller than other species, weighing around 1 to 1.5 pounds on average. Because of its mild taste and smooth texture, Gac fruit tastes best with savory dishes like soups and stews. Many regard melon as a superfood, partly due to its extremely high lycopene content that reduces the risk of cancer.

Watermelon is a must at every summer soiree, and if you’ve tasted it before, it should be no mystery why. Pick it up and give the ground spot a hard tap—if it sounds deep and hollow, it’s ready to devour. In many ways, the Horned https://cryptolisting.org/ is unlike any other type of melon when it comes to texture. Rather than having firm tender flesh like cantaloupes or honeydews, it resembles the texture of passion fruits or pomegranates. One of the differences between Sharlyn melons and cantaloupes is that they are not as sweet.


Due to its bitterness, bitter melon is used like a vegetable more than a fruit. It’s beloved for its high antioxidant content and immunity-boosting qualities. The Korean melon’s thin, yellow skin and small seeds make this possible. To tell if a Snow Leopard Melon is ripe, it should give off a rich melon aroma and the light-colored skin should give slightly when pressed. The Snow Leopard melon is an exotic type of melon that has ivory colored skin with green markings on it.

Different Types of Melons (Melon Kinds, Names, & Facts)

A type of muskmelon that’s closely related to honeydew and cantaloupe, casaba is named after its place of origin, Kasaba, Turkey. Use them in smoothies, soups, curries or sorbet, or just snack on them raw. Honey Globe melons are a large and white type of melon with pale green flesh and a round to oval shape.

If you thought you would never see miniature watermelons, now you can. The Cucamelon’s adorable size and sour taste make them a popular fruit to pickle or serve with cocktails. They’re just as big as the average grape and taste more like cucumbers, but with a hint of sourness. Because of their use as pickles, the melons are also commonly known as Mexican gherkins.

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